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A number of years ago I wrote a program to display my own sightings of wildlife in the Pilanesberg. After showing this program to Gus van Dyk* and Steve Dell, I was encouraged by them  to develop ParkControl©. The initial idea was to place information screens at convenient places in the Park for visitors to the Park to access both current and historical data of animal sightings. However ParkControl© has since developed into a park management tool which allows for the recording and selective visual display of Sightings, Mortalities, Security incidents, Patrol information, Alien Plant, Fence voltages, Rainfall and Daily weather conditions.
(*Now at Tswalu.)
Seen above here are the areas (from historical data) frequented by two of the Elephant bulls in the Pilanesberg Park. (click to enlarge)
 Above, cell and satellite collar positions (coloured symbols), of some animals in the Pilanesberg. (click to enlarge)
Maps can be created by importing shape files, directly from GPS 'tracks' or drawn by hand. Map pictures can also be scanned or imported and used as background. A grid can be overlaid. Collar data can also be 'animated' to show the animals movement. The program can also create convex hulls of selected data.
Data Scout South Africa is working on a long life small size wildlife satellite tracking collar and ParkControl© will be able to display data from these collars. Cell collar (by YRless International) and satellite collar (by Africa Wildlife Tracking) positions can currently be imported and displayed.
Data is stored in an Access database and can be further manipulated in Access if required. It is also possible to export the data in Shape file format or in Excel format.
Sightings data recorded in ParkControl© is also be displayed in ParkView©. Sightings can be marked for exclusion from ParkView© screens if required. This is handy if sightings in areas which are not accessible to tourists are also being recorded.
I would like to thank Copenhagen Zoo who will be supporting me in further developing these products in the future.
Thanks also go to Bakubung Game Lodge where ParkView© was further developed and tested over the last few years and everybody else who encouraged me to continue developing these projects.
If you would like to know more, please use the Contact page to get in touch with me.
Bull elephant areas
Satellite collar data