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ParkView© (Information for the visitor)
In order to make sightings data available to park visitors a 'Lite' version of ParkControl© i.e. ParkView© was developed with the support of members of game department at Bakubung Game Lodge in the Pilanesberg. Only sightings data is displayed. A test version with touch screen is installed at the Bakubung Game office. Residents and visitors can access both current and historical data in order to plan their game drives. They can also enter their own sightings. Click here to see some comments about ParkView©  by visitors to Bakubung.
Copenhagen Zoo also has a touch screen with a Danish language version of ParkView© showing random sightings from the Pilanesberg.
Sightings data can be updated either manually (through ParkControl©), by uploading it from a stiffy disk or memory stick or remotely via internet or by dial-up via modem.  The dial-up option is currently in use at Bakubung, and the database is updated twice daily, so as to keep the information as current as possible. Data can either be shown as icons (Small image of a particular animal) or colored symbols. Clicking on a symbol or icon will display the date and time of the sighting, which can also help in the planning of a game drive as some species are normally only seen at certain times of the day.
Top, the ParkView© screen as seen by the visitor. Note the large buttons for use with a touch screen. (click to enlarge)
Above, historical data of 1 months giraffe sightings from ParkView©. Data can be displayed as icons or dots. (click to enlarge)
Information / Education
ParkView© is also extremly useful as an information/education tool. Clicking on an icon on the map brings up the species name (different languages are supported) as well as the date and time of the sighting. If further information for that species is available the words "CLICK HERE FOR MORE" appear below the icon. (See left). Clicking on this will bring up an information screen as shown below left. Parks can enter their own information as required. This is done from a control panel. Information on places of interest can also be included. i.e. as seen below right.
White rhino information screen. (Click to enlarge)
Places of interest information screen. (Click to enlarge)
ParkView© also records what visitors are looking for and at  when using the system. As can be seen from the table below, at Bakubung by far the most searches are made for Lion. The number of times an advert or short has been shown can also recorded for advertiser information.
Visitor search data.
If you would like to know more, please use the Contact page to get in touch with me.
The ParkView© screen will also display small animated adverts and park information posters (click to enlarge examples below).
Should a second screen be available, as is the case with consoles, an advertiser can also have a 20 second short  displayed on the top(2nd) screen. This top screen can also be used to display wildlife or related videos.
Adverts and/or shorts can be linked to a species i.e. if the viewer requests more info on say lion, the advert or short linked to this species will be displayed. In the case of the short, should there be a wildife video video running on the top screen it will be interrupted and resume after the short has been shown. Please note that if there is already a short showing, it will not be interrupted. It is thus possible for one advertiser to link his advert to a species and another to link his short to the same species. This linking also works when a person request a current or historical map of only one species(if it is linked). Should there be no links  for a species and a map request is made the next available ad or short is displayed.